Construction Services

A & A Construction offer a wide range of services fulfilling the needs for clients in many sectors. Below are the main areas in which we specialise in, however if you have a specifc task not listed, please contact us and we would be willing to help


The philosophy of A & A Builders is to provide the highest quality of workmanship. The main objectives of the company is to fulfil and exceed the expectations of its clients and that both client and A & A form a strong and reliable partnership.
A construction project is always a partnership between the client, architect and the construction company. As a general contractor and with numerous years experience, A & A adheres to all the clients requirements and works alongside numerous other specialised companies.
A highly motivated and experience team enable A & A Builders to deliver work with the highest professionalism and competence. As knowledge is the most important facet in the company, A & A is constantly aware of industry trends and pursues continual specialised training.
With constant project monitoring, cutting edge equipment/machinery and knowledge of the finest materials,  these distinguish A & A from other companies.

Maintenance Services

Thanks to A & A ’ s highly skilled workforce and use of reliable partners, they are able to offer both a maintenance and restoration service for most types of construction. The services we provide for the maintenance and restoration are as follows: restoration of masonry in general, floors, walls, plastering, painting, electrical, water and heating, reconstruction and repair of drains, supply and installation of fixtures, railings and gates in general, maintaining swimming pools, gardens, enclosure walls and barbecue, waterproofing balconies and terraces, repairs to the facades and roofs.

Renovation and restoration

A & A construction has expertise and respect for traditional materials and methods with an understanding of present enviromental law in protected areas. Knowledge of local suppliers to source true materials and work with local artists/crafts people for specific key elements help us to rennovate projects from a small barn to a large house.

New buildings

The company has experience in building public, commercial and industrial complete properties or rennovation of apartmnets. A & A also has experience in other specific building elements such pool construction, paving, oven/barbeque areas. The company is also involved in maintenance of existing buildings, not only of actual construction but also major services such as water, electric etc throughout the year.

Energy saving

The company uses innovative working methods in order to ensure effectiveness, efficiency and savings, both in economic and environmental terms. For this reason, takes advantage of leading suppliers and staff are able to ensure the best results and with no impact on the ecosystem. The company is able to build new properties or rennovate properties with engery saving in mind. Using sustainable and certified materials, and installing solar panels and geothermal engery systems is becoming increasingly popular.

Public Sector Works

The company make use qualifying as SOA , he takes parti in pubblic tenders and works of public administration . Over the years there have been carried out various works for the sourrounding municipalities